Our projects

Android tablet based mobile menu and restaurant order management

Vertical :

Android App and Custom software

Challenge :

• Regular update of Restaurant menu items, pictures and item costs.
• Display the menu items in a poorly lit Bars and Restaurant.
• Avoid frequent reprint of menu
• Capture customer orders and pass to Kitchens without intervention of waiters.

Solution :

We have created a tablet based menu applications on Android which showcase the following :

• List of categorized menu items

• Pictures and description of each item with cost

• Customers can view and edit the orders and view the total cost before placing the order.

• Application auto-synchronizes the content with the backend to have upto date menu.

We have created the Administrative backend with the following features

• Create the Categories e.g. Soups, Drinks, Appetizer, Main course etc.

• Create the menu items with pic, description, cost and tag with the categories.

• Capture the order placed by customers sorted by table numbers.

Technologies Used :

Mobile UX design : Photoshop, Illustrator

Application Development : Android

Backend development : PHP, MySQL

Business Benefits :

a. Opex reduction in frequent reprint of Menu and savings in waiter cost
b. Higher customer satisfaction
c. Increase in operational efficiency