Case study

M2M Communication and Efficiency Dashboard

Vertical :

Custom Software solution

Challenge :

• Remote monitoring of the machines and status through machine to machine communication.
• Determining the efficiency of all machines /individual machines.
• Develop Business Intelligence on operations and trend determination of faulty areas on heterogeneous data formats.

Solution :

• RF based micro-controllers attached to each machines.

• A central RF controller unit transmits/receives signals from different units placed in the shop floor.

• Central unit is attached to server through COM port.

• Data coming in COM port is analysed and interpreted by the server program running 24x7 and generates BI reports.

Technologies Used :

1. JSSC for USB to COM Port serial communication
2. J2EE for portal development.
    a. Hibernate,    b. Spring   c. MySQL database
3. HTML, CSS and Javascript, Jquery for frontend development

Business Benefits :

a. Operational Excellence
b. Control
c. Business Intelligence
d. Customer Satisfaction