Our Projects

Wi-Fi Based SmartClass &Android App

Vertical :

Custom Software solution

Challenge :

• Establish 1:1 and 1:many communication within a same class.
• Establish telephonic conference system inside a class
• Integrate different OS and different applications to keep the cost low

Solution :

• VOIP based server on Wi-Fi network to provide Telephony and conference backbone.

• SIP based Android App(students) to talk to teachers(.Net client)

• Android app with multiple features like Class videos, quiz, Draw etc.

• Facility to Teacher to establish different type of conference with students.

Technologies Used :

1. Asterisk based VOIP server on Oracle VMWare.
2. .Net client on Windows integrated with SIP libraries for call.
3. Android based mobile application

Business Benefits :

a. Seamless conference
b. Efficient student management in a class
c. Instant evaluation of quiz