CRM , Billing and Inventory Management Solution


1.1 Why is it needed?

  • Managing and classifying the leads is one of the major aspect of efficient sales management.
  • How often do you lose the track of order and invoicing.
  • How difficult it is to fulfill the orders and trace that back to inventory in a disjointed system.
  • The standard reports are not the ones what you are looking for.

1.2 Solution Brief & Features:

We have an end-to-end Microsoft Sharepoint based solution for fulfilling the need of the business.

  • Lead /Opportunity Entry
  • Lead classification
  • Prospect to customer
  • Order Booking and a platform which can be extended to customers/dealers also.
  • Inventory management
  • Invoice generation
  • Revenue recognition
  • Customizable BI reports.

1.3 Benefits :

We have created Android based mobile education platform and applications to deliver the following benefits :

  • Very low cost yet efficient system compared to standard CRM products.
  • Customizable according to need.
  • One stop platform for end to end management instead of complex ERP systems involving multiple integration points of different platforms.

1.4 Go-Live time :

2 weeks-1 month.

We have hosted and pay-as-you-go model to keep the Opex cost low and the flexibility of usage of the services. 5 H