Digital restaurant menu app for online food order by mobile

Digital restaurant menu app


1.1 Why is it needed for Digital Restaurant Menu App?

Do you think about the following as a real problem in running your restaurants/bars.

  • How fast can you really deliver the menu to your customers and keep your waiter waiting to note the order?
  • How often as Restaurant owners got embarrassed for delivering wrong orders at the table after a long wait for food? It is just because the waiter noted the order wrongly or placed it wrongly at the Kitchen Order Table.(KOT)
  • How frequently can you really change the menu card due to varying prices and availability?
  • How efficiently can you explain to your customers about the items and how are you wasting the waiters’ time to attend to others?
  • Do you have a system in place to capture the feedback instantly and improve on them?
  • Can you gather the customer data efficiently and delight them with offers on special days of their life?

It is time to embrace the Android based Tablet menu appilication as :

  • Vivid menu with pictures attract 20% more customers
  • Save the time of waiters waiting near customers
  • Reduce the team and operating cost
  • Let your customers choose what they really want and make them satisfied and loyal
  • Publish your deals of the day easily
  • Make your system efficient

It’s time to enable these and make your system efficient through our Mobile Menu app on Android.

1.2 Solution Brief & Features for Digital Restaurant Menu app:

Sennovations’ Food Delivery App on Android Tablet and PHP, MySQL based backend server provides the restaurant owners the flexibility to

  • Create and edit the menu items with Brief, description, cost and pictures.
  • Deliver the menu on the tablet and delight the customers with all details they are looking for.
  • Remove the items which cannot be served and save yourself from the embarrassment.
  • Customers can view their order cart and price before placing the order.
  • Capture the orders in an automated way and get the bill generated.
  • Generate Analytics of the most ordered items, customer feedback etc.

1.3 Benefits :

We have created Android based Online Food order App to deliver the following benefits :

  • Stop the cost of reprinting the costly paper based menu which goes for frequent changes.
  • Provide the required flexibility.
  • Increase the customer delight.
  • Increase your sales.
  • Gather the right insights.

1.4 Go-Live time :

2-3 days for end to end customization and deployment.