Learning Management Solution for mobile and Web application


1.1 Why is it needed for LMS?

  • mLearning can be delivered virtually anywhere at the user’s convenience of access.
  • It will enable to create a common social platform to share and gather insights.
  • Bring interactivity and instant evaluation to the palmtops of everyone in the value chain i.e. Student, Faculty and Administrator.
  • It is time to improve operational efficiency and reduce cost in the era of competition.
  • Bring in Competitive advantage.

1.2 Solution Brief & Features for mobile learning app:

Sennovations’ Android based online learning solution with PHP, MySQL based server and Notification services provide the following features

  • Enable Student-Faculty collaboration.
  • Attendance management.
  • Remote Content delivery of eBooks, class videos.
  • Provide the students a roadmap of his studies.
  • Quiz, Tests from the tablet and instant results.
  • Notification Centre for Faculty and Administration notices.
  • Student curriculum management according to his enrolment timing.
  • Students’ progress analytics.

1.3 Benefits :

We have created Android based mobile education platform and applications to deliver the following benefits :

  • Create a new revenue channel at a subscription model.
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Reduce cost by optimizing the test paper prints, venue cost and evaluation effort reduction.
  • Provide the students as well as teachers the right insight of improvement areas.

1.4 Go-Live time :

2 weeks or more depending on feature customization requirement.