HealthLink - A mobile healthcare solution


1.1 Why is it needed?

  • Healthcare service information availability at the customers fingertips is a must now to stay ahead of competition.
  • Service providers need to provide the customers an easy and efficient way to reach out to them in case of Emergency or Appointment Booking or for any information
  • Bring in efficiency in Doctor-patient collaboration.

1.2 Solution Brief & Features:

We enable the healthcare providers to deliver the services at doctors’ and patients’ smartphones or tablets

  • Map based navigation to the service provider.
  • Appointment booking
  • Lab Reports delivery
  • Monitor lifetime disease data.
  • Health Tips
  • Emergency services etc.

1.3 Benefits :

We have created Android based mobile menu applications to deliver the followingbenefits :

  • Additional Revenue through innovative financial models
  • Cross selling opportunity.
  • Operational and data management efficiency.
  • Higher customer satisfaction.

1.4 Go-Live time :

Approx 6 weeks