Re@ltyBiz– Mobile real estate solution


1.1 Why is it needed?

  • Can the print media deliver a notification on new projects or updates without additional cost ?
  • Is the print media staying with the person wherever he moves ?
  • Is the print media equipped with social share tools, which are being used by the customers throughout the day ?
  • Can the Print Media take your customers to your project site/office through guided navigation with GPS and Google maps?
  • Can you publish all your project info through print media ?
  • Can a customer connect with you by a call or chat window straight from print media or even from your website?

NO …NO….NO…..
IT’S TIME TO SAY “YES” with Re@ltyBiz Mobile App

1.2 Solution Brief & Features:

Realty@Biz solution is ready to deploy solution on Android and iOS platforms on Smartphones, tablets and iPads for launching your real estate properties on mobile world and see your sales grow. It will be customized according to your brand requirements and get the customer loyalty.

It is a solution to provide the builders to share

  • Project Details – brief, gallery, construction updates, Neighborhood amenities etc.
  • A facility to reach to the property site with guided navigation.
  • Tools to share the details in social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.
  • One touch options to call, mail or view the maps.

1.3 Benefits :

We have created mobile real estate applications to deliver the following benefits :

  • Mobile Apps reach to the right set of smart people without additional cost /project.
  • Reach out to 3 times larger customer base with more than 65% more likely buyers through viral marketing
  • Reduce the marketing expense.
  • Reduce the cost of printed brochures.
  • Get customer contacts without additional cost.

1.4 Go-Live time :

It takes 2 weeks after project sign-up for customization of the UX and go-live in the mobile world and make the presence felt in Playstore and iTunes.